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和名未定 / Paguristes puniceus Henderson, 1896


学名:Paguristes puniceus Henderson, 1896


Paguristes puniceusは、マドラス海岸沖の水深243-457mから採取された♀抱卵個体と♂個体により記載された。

The chelipedes as well as the ambulatory legs are clothed with long silky hairs. The chelipedes are subequal in most specimens, but in some males the right is larger. The carpus, propodus, and dactylus are armed with short. acate spines, some of which are horny tipped, and the majority give rise to bunches of silky hairs.
On the upper surface of the carpus there is a median longitudinal smooth area, with rows of spinules on either side. The spines are arranged irregularly on the upper surface of the hand and fingers, but there are always three or four more prominent than the others on the inner margin of the hand. The apices of the fingers are horny.

The ambulatory legs are long and slender, especially the second pair; all the joints are provided with long marginal hairs. In some specimens a few spinules are met with on the anterior margin of the carpal and propodal joints, and in older specimens they appear to be represented by slight tnbercular elevations. The dactyli are about one and a half times the length of the propodi.

In a note accompanying the specimen from Station 166, the colour during life, according to Surgeon-Captain Anderson, was as follows : "Legs and anterior part of carapace light pink. Eye-stalks rather darker pink"



    Paguristes puniceus Henderson, 1896

  • 北海道(北)
  • 北海道(西)
  • 北海道(南)
  • 東北(西)
  • 東北(東)
  • 北陸
  • 房総
  • 伊豆
  • 八丈島
  • 小笠原
  • 東海
  • 若狭湾
  • 南紀
  • 山陰
  • 瀬戸内海
  • 四国
  • 対馬
  • 九州
  • 屋久島
  • 奄美
  • 沖縄本島
  • 宮古島
  • 石垣島
  • 西表島
  • 海外
  • 陸上
  • 水深0-2m
  • 水深2-10m
  • 水深10-30m
  • 水深30-100m
  • 水深100m以深
  • 1-2月
  • 3-4月
  • 5-6月
  • 7-8月
  • 9-10月
  • 11-12月
  • 日中
  • 夜間
  • 河口(汽水)
  • 海岸(岸辺)
  • 海草(藻場)
  • 磯(サンゴ)
  • ガレ場(礫)
  • 海底(泥砂)
  • 洞窟(岩穴)

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Henderson, J.R. (1896). Natural history notes from H. M. 'Investigator' Commander C.F. Oldham, R.N., commanding.—Series II., No. 24. Report on the Paguridae collected during the season 1893-94. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 65(2): 516–536.

(Paguristes puniceus var. unispinosa Balss, 1912) Balss, H. (1912). Paguriden. In: Chun, C. (ed.), Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition “Valdivia” 1898-1899, 20(2): 85-124. Gustav Fischer, Jena.

ResearchGate : McLaughlin, P. A.; Komai, T.; Lemaitre, R.; Rahayu, D.L. (2010). Annotated checklist of anomuran decapod crustaceans of the world (exclusive of the Kiwaoidea and families Chirostylidae and Galatheidae of the Galatheoidea. Part I – Lithodoidea, Lomisoidea and Paguroidea. The Raffles Bulletin of Zoology. Suppl. 23: 5-107. (画像あり ※Paguristes cf. puniceus)

WoRMS : Paguristes puniceus Henderson, 1896


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